Christmas Carol Countdown- Day 6

Day 6: This Christmas I Spend With You by Robert Goulet

As often happens with my husband and me, what once started as a joke grew into a genuine appreciation for a crooner. (This has also happened with Tom Jones and Michael Buble). Like many people of my generation, I was not familiar with Robert Goulet until Will Ferrell starting spoofing him on Saturday Night Live. Once again I have the Music Choice Sounds of the Season channel to thank for stoking my interest in the actual man. This Christmas I Spend With You came on the channel last year, and I thought to myself, “Hey, that sounds like Will Ferrell doing his Robert Goulet impression.” To my surprise, it actually was THE Robert Goulet! I decided to buy Goulet’s album A Personal Christmas Collection for my husband as a stocking stuffer. Great minds think alike because that same Christmas, he got me an old Goulet album from a blowout sale at a local record shop. This Christmas I Spend with You is the first song on the album and it’s my favorite. I can’t help but picture Will Ferrell as I listen to Goulet over enunciate words. The line “So ring bells, goooo and ring ’em! Riiiiiiing bells! Biiiig bells, little bells, jingle bells..” in particular always makes me smile. This year, the added element of expecting our little bundle of joy in time for Christmas has given me a slightly new perspective on the song, too.  This song has quickly become a Christmas classic for me.


This Christmas I Spend With You

Mark this holiday
Mark it well
Note how perfectly
Right it fell

Yes, it’s Christmas
But something is new
Because this Christmas I spend with you

Mark the stardust upon my sleeve
Note this feeling of Christmas Eve
Thanks to heaven the best is in view
Because this Christmas I spend with you

So ring bells
Go and ring ’em
Ring bells
Big bells, little bells, jingle bells
Ring bells
Tell them to …

Mark this holiday
For my own
Note this Christmas I’m not alone
All my wishes at last have come true
Because this Christmas, I spend with you


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